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Flush Casement Windows

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PVCu Flush Casement Windows are a modern option that embraces a style of the past. Ideal for traditional properties, they have also become a very popular choice for contemporary homes.

Whereas the sash on traditional casement windows overlaps the frame, the sash on flush casement windows sits flush with the frame when closed to provide a sleek and seamless finish.

With a wide choice of customisation options to choose from, including finishes, colours, and handles, PVCu Flush Casement windows are ideal for projects that require a sophisticated appearance.


Whatever style and finish you require for your project, the Ultimate Collection offers a huge choice to satisfy the requirements of even the most discerning customer. Please note that colour swatches provided are for illustrative purposes only. Not all colours depicted are available in every profile type or product range. For more information regarding colour availability, please refer to our colour guide.



In order to meet the government’s thermal performance targets and current Building Regulations, all replacement PVCu windows are required to achieve a U-value not exceeding 1.4 W/m²K or Window Energy Rating ‘B’ or better.

Ultimate Collection windows can achieve an A+ Energy Rating with an Energy Index of 10 and a U-value of 1.4 W/m²K.


The Ultimate window has been refined and designed to protect the homes of your customers and provide them with total reassurance and peace of mind.

The locking technology at the heart of every casement window incorporates 10 security features (subject to casement size).


When it comes to choosing handles, there is a wide range of styles and colours for your customers to pick from.


As of June 15, 2022, Approved Document F of the Building Regulations that specifically relates to ventilation, requires that adequate ventilation is provided throughout a property.

In the absence of a suitable mechanical ventilation system, conforming to these regulations requires the use of trickle vents fitted into windows.

Ultimate Collection Windows are able to meet these requirements with an efficient, safe and secure trickle vent.

  • Ventilators match to your chosen frame colourHooded external canopy prevents water and insects from entering the property
  • With the innovative ‘Link’, the closure plate can be positioned to reduce draughts with the benefit of directing air away from the occupants
  • Ventilate the property without having to open the window
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Authentic External Georgian Bar

Many of your customers may decide to have decorative Georgian Bars applied to their windows for a truly authentic Georgian style.

The unique astragal clip on Georgian Bar from John Fredericks is a scribed PVCu bar, finished and colour matched to the exact same finish of the chosen windows.

The bars are connected to full length aluminium fixing strips that are bonded to the glass unit. This, combined with the spacer bar grid design inside the unit, gives the impression that each pane is a separate unit.

The innovative Georgian bar system ensures the Georgian grille does not shrink, warp or detach, regardless of weather conditions.

Heritage1 with concealed vents with closeups


You can also offer your customers the option of concealed ventilation.

The ventilation is built into the head of the outer frame which is concealed by a full width aluminium exterior canopy, colour and finish matched to the window frames. The same interior link vents with closure plates are used on the inside of the window.

Internal Georgian Bar

In contrast to the External Georgian Bar system, where the bar is applied onto the outer faces of the insulated glass unit, as the name suggests, Internal Georgian Bars are held within the sealed glass unit.

Internal Georgian Bars still provide an effective feature, but with the bars inside the glass, the glass maintains a flat surface with no protrusions and are therefore easier to clean.

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