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As an installer of windows doors and conservatories, you know better than most that success is all about offering just that little bit more than your competitors. John Fredericks supplies a comprehensive and integrated range of products and focusses on 100% customer satisfaction, ensuring our products are delivered on time, first time.

It might be offering a better product, or better prices, or a better service, or just having a better overall strategy. It will probably be a combination of all these factors. The bottom line is that success in your fiercely competitive industry is all about being better. Our main objective is to help you be just that.

We strive to supply products that are genuinely superior, in terms of technology, design and manufacturing quality, and they’re backed by a complete support, service and marketing package equally as comprehensive, all designed with your customers in mind.

It is the result of an absolute, on-going commitment to excellence, customer service and the delivery of total value-for-money.


  • We have a business development and marketing team that are dedicated to helping you grow your business.
  • We have a production team that understands that you need to keep your customers happy.
  • We have the best looking, most secure and thermally efficient product ranges on the market which comes complete with its own top quality and unique hardware range.
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