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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

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PANORAMA aluminium bi-fold doors form part of the Ultimate Collection of products from John Fredericks, a range of products designed with the emphasis on quality and performance. These bi-fold doors don’t just look beautiful, but they operate effortlessly and maintain these standards for years to come.

The slim sightlines and large glass areas achieved with PANORAMA aluminium bi-fold doors, combine to provide a product that is perfectly suited to contemporary spaces. Equally as impressive whether viewed from the inside or outside of the property.

PANORAMA products undergo stringent performance testing. Operation, strength, durability, acoustics, security, thermal performance and weather performance are amongst the many criteria tested.


Available in a number of configurations using up to 6 door leaves, you can specify a design where all the door leaves stack to the same side, or a design where some stack one way and some the other.

Choose whether you want the doors to open in or out, and remember that designs with a single traffic door enable you to slip quickly and easily into the garden, while leaving the other doors in place.


  • Slim frames providing maximum light 
  • Doors fold neatly to maximise opening
  • Double or Triple glazed options
  • Security to British and European standards 
  • 6 point lock as standard  (optional hook lock: 2 hooks, 1 deadbolt and latch)
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Four threshold options
  • Water resistance up to 600 Pa
  • Up to 6 door leaves
  • Maximum height 2412 mm
  • Maximum door leaf width 1200 mm
  • High spec stainless steel rollers
  • Range of handle finish options
  • 3 star high security Yale cylinder
  • Sealed unit depths from 28-36 mm


We offer three colours as standard, White, Black and Anthracite Grey (same both internal and external) as well as an extended range of finishes (extended lead times). Please note that colour swatches provided are for illustrative purposes only. Not all colours depicted are available in every profile type or product range. For more information regarding colour availability, please refer to our colour guide.



The standard bi-fold handles are available in 5 colour finishes, all with intermediate door handles to match.


A combination of sophisticated aluminium chambered profile and high performance insulated glass sealed units used in PANORAMA bi-fold doors help to preserve heat inside properties.


PANORAMA products utilise slim aluminium frames and innovative hardware, resulting in windows and doors that operate smoothly and with little required force. Despite the slim appearance, the aluminium profile offers structural integrity and durability that will endure with only basic maintenance required.


PANORAMA bi-fold doors include safety glass as standard (in line with Building Regulation requirements) so in the unfortunate event of accidental glass breakage, the possibility of injury from sharp glass edges is reduced. To prevent cylinder manipulation, Ultimate doors are fitted with a 3 star high security Yale cylinder, and for convenience all doors are supplied with 3 keys as standard.


he PANORAMA Bi-fold door benefits from years of experience, research and development. The result is a stylish-looking product that combines industry-leading performance with smooth and reliable operation. Bi-fold doors are the perfect solution for those wishing to maintain the sense of light and space in the home and when the weather permits open up fully into the garden. PANORAMA Bi-fold doors can be designed with up to 6 panes and in a variety of folding configurations. If required, a single traffic door can be specified left or right to give access in and out without the need to open up the full width of the door.

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The CF 68 can be specified with any of our four different threshold options. Each threshold option gives a trade-off between weather performance and ease of passage. The High Performance option offers the best air, wind and water performance but has the highest threshold step. The Double Weather Seal solution combines good weather resistance with a lower threshold.

The Low Threshold option can be set into the floor to meet the requirements of building regulations, and the Flush Threshold solution allows easy passage with no step at all, but this is at the expense of weather-proofing.

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