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Spray Finishes

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Spray Finishes
Pvc-u Windows, Doors, Trims…
in Any Colour

In today’s market John Fredericks have recognised the demand for bespoke coloured frames. We are able to offer customers products using the well-respected Kolorbond paint process from a painting specialist with over 15 years of experience.

“I am using a silk finish as recommended by Kolorbond with a three coat application. Left to cure in the ‘oven’ for the correct time, the finish achieved on foiled PVC-u surfaces is fantastic”

We are delighted with the superb surface finish achieved using Kolorbond. This spraying option offers customers an alternative to our standard range of foil options.

Infil panels are also painted thus creating a solid timber door appearance. Please note;- it is technically not possible to spray gaskets due to invalidating Halo’s warranty.

For more detailed information on any of our products and to discover their many unique
benefits contact our sales office on 01422 314100.

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