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Welcome to John Fredericks


At John Fredericks we have always believed that to ensure a sustainable future, business’s need to be environmentally responsible and become an example to the public.

Our objective as a business is to set a responsible lead and example through our working practices.

In line with our environmental policy, John Fredericks is committed towards:

  • Exercising due care in waste disposal produced as a result of company activities, developing plans to reduce waste, and increase efficiency.
  • In relationships with our customers and suppliers, we are taking practical steps to prevent pollution, to reduce energy, raw materials, water consumption and waste.
  • Encouraging the re-use of material wherever feasible, when it does not compromise our product or service.
  • Aiming to reduce our impact on the environment and implement environmentally responsible policies/products throughout our operations.
  • Minimising our environmental footprint, by working towards sustainability

We Recycle

Old PVC-u Windows / PVC-u off-cuts
 Steel / Aluminium
 Paper / Cardboard
Electrical Items
Fluorescent Tubes
disposal of non-recyclable waste*

*responsible disposal of non-recyclable waste, via registered contractors.

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